Monday 10th January

So the first night was fun. Let’s try it again shall we? Okay then, let’s. Provided for your collective pleasure this month is another wonderful lineup which is headed up by the exceptionally good:

Jonathan Elston

Things people with taste, discernment and talent have said about Jonathan Elston include:

“a young comic with incredible talent and a natural warmth” – The Guardian
“one of the best new acts I have seen in recent years” – Gary Delaney
“an act of his age with this amount of stagecraft and quality material will undoubtedly be a mainstay of the circuit for years to come” – Toby Hadoke

He really is quite funny, even for a professional comedian.

Also joining us will be:

Shaista Aziz
Peter Marshall and The Lomos
Naomi Paul
James Hately

and your host
Rich Milner

So be upstairs at the Red Deer at 7.30pm on Monday 10th. The show starts at 8pm and it’s £2 to get in.