Monday 9th May

Right then, this month is even more of a treat than usual. Not only do we have a bloody brilliant headline act, we have a superb opener to boot. And that’s on top of the three fab new acts they’re sandwiching. It’s like a sandwich where the bread is even better than the filling, and the filling is proper tasty. And it’s a really cheap sandwich. When you ask ‘how much is this sandwich then?’ you’re really surprised to discover it’s a lot cheaper than you would have imagined such a tasty sandwich would cost. So you walk away patting your own bum (or slapping your thigh, for the purposes of this over-extended metaphor) like you’ve been to ASDA, but with none of the guilt that comes with lining the pockets of a greedy corporate entity that busts unions and exploits workers and suppliers the world over. It’s a night of very good comedy that’s very good value for money, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, proceedings are headed up by…

Graham Goring, performing his much loved Edinburgh 2010 show, Hex, Lives and Videogames, an audio-visually enhanced stream of rapid-fire gags which skips gleefully through the videogame infused life of an emotionally stunted manchild who relates to Pac-Man better than women.


Ruth Cockburn
“Ruth’s comedy is a particularly potent mix of spot-on, slightly surreal social commentary and brilliantly inventive, hummable and instantly hilarious songs.” – Spotlight Comedy


James Meehan
Matt & Stan Skinnny
Peter Brush
and host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.30pm; Show 8.00pm
Admission: £2

The Red Deer
18 Pitt Street (just off West Street/Mappin Street)
Sheffield S1 4DD