Monday 10th December

As you might be aware, Jesus will be celebrating Square Hole’s 2nd birthday this month, so the author of this preamble has chosen some of his favourite acts to lead the festivities. How it could possibly be more festive than the usual array of free cake, free gifts, an excellent range of drinks (mulled and otherwise) and an abundance of merriment, I’m really not sure. But these chaps will help:

Jonathan MayorJonathan Mayor

When he first made his mark on the circuit, Mayor did so in kaleidoscopic frocks and oodles of glitter, but it’s blatantly apparent that he’s just as spangling without them. One of the quickest and most eloquent wits around, he possesses dazzling comic pacing and a vivacious intellect which he recently put to use warming up the audiences for Sarah Millican’s previous and upcoming TV series.

‘An incredible presence on the stage. Mesmerising to watch and an extremely articulate improviser. Fantastic.’ – XS Malarkey

‘Imagine a Christmas tree has just exploded over the campest Bollywood star you know.’ – John Locke, The Comedy Store

Lou Conran

On her Buckinghamshire Middle School report she was described as “a potty mouthed individual who manages to get away with it with a smile and a huge personality”. Naturally, she then trained at some very serious drama schools and embarked on an illustrious television career which included a recurring role as an orange teddy bear. With that fluffy feather to her cap, Conran took to comedy in the mid 00’s under the tutelage of old Mancunian hands and quickly found herself in comedy awards finals and on the national circuit.

‘a naturally funny comic, with a warm and dotty stage presence that helps endear her to an audience… witty, naughty but most of all good fun, with a touch of the Victoria Wood about her’ – XS Malarkey

‘makes her job look so effortless that it’s a fair bet that her fellow comics want to do her serious harm’ –

Barnaby J Thompson
Mike Bentley
CK Golding
and host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.45pm, show 8pm
imageAdmission £4
Pre-booking advised. Tickets available from the Red Deer and