Monday 10th September

It’s the post-Edinburgh show, which means we’re joined by acts who have spent the last month honing their art to perfection and are on fire with the zinging hot flame of comedy. Or they’re proper knackered and currently loathe comedy. One or the other, but if it’s the latter you’re just the folk to renew their hope in being hilarious so bring your cake holes to Square Hole for the following clowns:

David Longley

Having just completed his fourth Edinburgh festival run, Longley can not only be found on the stages of all the major comedy clubs but also in the good books of many a comedy critic and aficionado. He’s known for both his puerile proclivities and intellectual edge, i.e. nob gags and clever shit, and is an engaging performer who is so fascinated with human psychology that he gives other comics penis joke envy.

‘There’s a lot of stuff Dave does that I wish I’d written’ – Ed Byrne

‘Highly original and bloody funny’ – Three Weeks

‘Wonderfully satisfying, thinking man’s comedy with just enough poo to keep the scat fans happy’ – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

‘Dave seems to be actually driven by the material and, say it quietly, the art… challenges both himself and the audience. AND HE IS FUNNY’ – Baby Cow

‘As intense and intelligent a performer as you’re likely to see.’ – The List

Hayley Ellis

Ellis’ infectiously irreverent charisma and boundless energy are galvanised by her knack for simply top-notch writing, recently evidenced by the fact that she got two of her gags into the Independent’s list of best jokes at this year’s Edinburgh festival, where she performed in The Comedy Zone, the Fringe’s longest running and most prestigious stand-up showcase, apparently.

‘Small in stature and big in energy, Ellis simply makes you laugh.’ – Giggle Beats

‘A really good mix of material: from the sparky and sharply observed to the believably brittle and confessional’ – Silky, Kill for a Seat Comedy

‘Ellis surely has a future in comedy.’ – Steve Bennett, Chortle

Adam Rushton
Casey Dorgan
and host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.45pm, show 8pm
Admission £4
Pre-booking advised. Tickets available from the Red Deer and