Monday 9th July

We’re back to Mondays again after last month’s football related rescheduling, so to give you something to look forward to when you wake up at the start of another otherwise mundane week, assembled for your comedic satiation is yet another line-up to fill your hearts with glee without relieving your pockets of too many pennies.

Phil Ellis

Each moment threatens a flash of comedic uniqueness with Phil Ellis. Having spent several years developing a reputation as a singularly exciting act, he dispenses decidedly off-beat observations and utilises an inventively quick wit to give each performance a fresh and thrilling twist.

‘Mad and severely likeable… possessed with manic energy’

‘Ellis sets such a cracking pace… he flits around the audience with his frisky, easy banter spreading a feeling of good-humoured fun’

Peter Brush

With simply superb joke writing delivered in an amusingly awkward fashion, Brush has steadily clocked up an ever-increasing amount of respect on the circuit, where he unassumingly takes the stage but consummately conquers it. In him you might note the influence of the likes of Woody Allen or Steven Wright, but he’s a deftly original act who is no doubt at the beginning of a promising career.

‘Wonderfully original writing, delivered distinctively’
Peter Vincent, Ten Feet Tall

‘quirky one liners… worthy of the likes of Stewart Francis’

‘the real standout performer for me was Peter Brush, whose slow build up to quirky one-liners had tears streaming down my cheeks’
Bridlington Free Press

Jonny Addy
John Taylor
and host
Rich Milner

We’ll also have cake, a slightly more interesting competition, and cake.

Doors 7.45pm, show 8pm
Admission £4*
Pre-booking advised. Tickets available from the Red Deer and

*Tickets are priced at £3.50 on because they charge a booking fee of up to 50p. So you can buy online at no extra cost to yourself, and if you buy two or more it works out slightly cheaper.