Sunday 10th June

June at Square Hole will be a little different in a very good way. The usual second Monday slot will be brought forward 24 hours due a kick about in Ukraine. And on Sunday 10th we’ll be joined by not one but two proper good professionals at doing the stand up comedy. It’s also a got a bit of a North Eastern theme going on.

Seymour Mace

An award winning comedian with oodles of experience, Seymour is one of the more distinctive acts on the circuit. He’s also starred in BBC Three’s ‘Ideal’ and appeared on Dave’s One Night Stand. With a manic charm all of his own, a hint of the surreal and a healthy dose of nonsense, he’s an oddity of hilarity whom Square Hole is frankly spoilt by the presence of.

“Always fun to watch, wilfully odd, yet compelling”

“A stand-up with a decidedly idiosyncratic edge”
The List

“More variety than a whole week of CBBC.”

John Cooper

A quirky and disarming stage presence, John’s blend of sharp inventive wit and surreal stories have been a hit with audiences, taking him out of his home town of Sunderland and onto the national circuit and firmly establishing him as one of the most original voices to come out of the North East in recent years.

‘Original, genuinely unpredictable and very rewarding.’

Jayne Edwards
Ryan Brown
and host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.45pm, show 8pm
Admission £3
Pre-booking advised. Tickets available from the Red Deer and