Monday 11th February

If you sample this month’s potent comedesiac at the Red Deer you’ll be priapic with glee or moist with mirth, and other vulgarly constructed references to the commercially contrived festival of anonymous love threats which is nearly upon us. Thankfully we’re not quite so cynical about comedy, and have assembled another love-in of laughter for you to dote upon, if you fancy it.

Michael J Dolan

Michael J Dolan

A self-confessed misanthropist and comic curmudgeon, with caustic insights and exquisitely written material, Michael J Dolan presents his own twisted philosophy and promises an onslaught of hilarious negativity. His intriguingly unique, deliciously ‘cup half empty’ worldview has been screaming to impose itself upon the greater populous for many years. Finally, through the medium of stand up comedy, his hate-fuelled yet beguiling outlook became available for all to (un)happily revel in. Since 2007 he’s been building a reputation as a highly cerebral comic with the innate ability to make audiences contemplate the world from a very different angle, and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

‘Michael J Dolan is a very, very funny man.’ – Bernard O’Leary, The Skinny

‘Inherently funny’ – Steve Bennett, Chortle

‘Grumpiness has never been so smart and funny’ – Sarah Millican

Michael J Dolan

Katie Mulgrew

Energetically and charismatically witty with a hint of cynicism behind her bonhomie, Mulgrew is fast becoming a very welcome face on stages up and down the country, and has provided regular support for the award winning ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’ during his recent UK theatre tours. With gleeful warmth and a wicked gleam in her eye, her playful rapport and engaging narratives make her very entertaining company indeed.

‘Very likable and funny’ – Lancashire Telegraph

‘So entertaining’ – Chortle

Sir Dickie Benson
Chrystine Moon
and host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.45pm, show 8pm
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