Monday 12th August

This month of the year is of course named after Emperor Augustus who decided democracy wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, especially if he was in charge, so he renamed Sextilis to August, exiled Ovid for writing sexy poems, and banned the Druids. He sounds like a properly not fun person and is definitely not invited to the gig on the 12th of Sextilis. But you are, and here’s why you should come (besides making Augustus jealous).

Anthony J Brown

Anthony J BrownSince impressing judges such as Reece Shearsmith of The League of Gentlemen and Doon Mackichan of Smack the Pony (though not Jim Bowen of Bullseye) in the BBC New Comedy Award and taking the top prize in the Stand & Deliver Comedy Award, Anthony has maintained a compelling presence on the national comedy circuit with his dapper and evocative stage presence and dark as night penchant for unexpectedly explosive punchlines, made all the more powerful by his glacial timing and reptilian demeanour.

‘A truly unique performer… superb’ – Reece Shearsmith

‘He made me laugh immediately. I was crying with laughter’ – Doon Mackichan

‘The audience probably have time to nip to the bar and back between the feedline and the punch. That they generally don’t is testament to just how well it works in Brown’s hands, for few would want to miss the next gem to ooze languidly from his lips’ – Chortle

‘A strange, lizard-like creature and polished surrealist… wonderful’ – City Life

‘Like Emo Phillips with better dress sense’ – Sheffield Telegraph

Helen Keeler

Helen KeelerDelightfully deadpan and acerbic yet droll, Keeler is a confident and affable performer who deftly combines strong writing with a quick wit. She did a short spot at Square Hole too long ago now and it was well past time to invite her back for more. A Manchester Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year And Funny’s Funny finalist, Helen is replete with canny gags and anecdotes documenting, amongst other things, some of the pretty awkward social situations she’s experienced.

‘nicely turned one-liners and wryly delivered punchlines’ – Manchester Evening News

‘a riotous performance with her cynical delivery and astute observation’ – Bay TV, Liverpool

in addition to them there will also be these
Richard Jow
Thom Milson
and host
Rich Milner

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