Monday 14th October

October at Square Hole combines international talent with local talent and stand-up comedy with sketch comedy. It’s a Venn diagram of funny wrapped in a Venn diagram of various baked goods. It is the Alpha and Omega of amusing things to do in Sheffield on Monday 14th October. It is where you can lol afk. It is where you can bring your troubles and leave them outside on your way in. It is all of these things but mostly just an affordable comedy night that feeds your face.

Wouter Meijs

Wouter MeijsWouter is a Dutch comic who started doing comedy in Amsterdam in 2005. Since then the former physics student has been cycling and performing throughout Europe, honing his unique observational style along the way. He has a strange effect on audiences; it often starts with surprise, and turns from a mutual misunderstanding into an always hilarious set of short stories and one-liners. He’s quite tall, his name is pronounced Wowter Mice and he often has trouble convincing people that he’s not a character act but a just a genuine Dutchman with very funny bones.

‘Wonderfully twisted’ – Spoonfed London

‘Goofy and Excellent’ – Bath Chronicle

‘Side-splittingly funny, excellent entertainment’ – Canarian Weekly, Tenerife

‘Some of the biggest laughs of the night, unique light-hearted observational comedy’ – The Sentinel

Gein’s Family Giftshop

Gein's Family GiftshopGein’s Family Giftshop focus on the hilarious subject matter of abject tragedy and human misery; a laugh a minute if you will. They’re a Manchester based sketch trio who have performed previously at Square Hole and are returning so we can see more of them since they’ve been performing at festivals and venues up and down the country. They perform sketches that aren’t for the faint hearted, but will be for you… you just don’t know it yet.

‘Brilliant, original, black Humour’ – Studio Salford

‘Likened to Big Train, Jam and the League of Gentlemen, and I can see why’ – FictionStoker

‘Polished and inventive comedians who are reinvigorating the sketch comedy genre. Subverting and celebrating the form at the same time. Laugh-out-loud sketches with a dark tinge.’ – Juice Comedy

‘Clever with words, clever with visuals – these three performers use simple ideas and execute them brilliantly’ – Burton Mail

Sean Morley
Nicola James
and host
Rich Milner

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