Monday 9th December

OH MY DAYS it’s Square Hole’s 3rd birthday which means a modest upgrade on the ever-present cake (there will be icing and possibly even candles) and the return of simply one of the best acts on the circuit who is also looking forward to the cake. So do join us for the revelry and the sweet line-up of funny people and please note that proceedings will kick off at 8.00pm on the dot from now on (details below).


SilkyOne of the finest comedians you may not have heard of, the Liverpudlian-in-exile made it to the finals of the BBC New Comedy Award alongside Daniel Kitson, Lee Mack and Julian Barratt on his fourth gig and has been a full time comedian for over half his life. Unsurprisingly, he’s a bit of a natural who combines his considerable musical talent with idiosyncratic banter and quick-witted charm, and is capable of filling a room with so much warmth and energy that he could probably replace fossil fuel.

‘funny and clever’ – Tim Minchin

‘One of the comedy circuit’s most popular headliners… on the cusp of superstardom’ – Yorkshire Life

‘Among the best of the circuit… born funny’ – City Life

‘a very, very funny fella… just brilliant’ – John Bishop

‘One of the nicest comics on the circuit, Silky makes rooms rock. More addictive than crack’ – Leeds Guide

‘a very philosophical type, and an annoyingly good guitar player’ – Mitch Benn

‘This is a performer whose genuine charm captures the crowd’ ★★★★★ – ThreeWeeks

Tony Basnett

Tony BasnettA native of the monkey-hanging capital of the world, Hartlepudlian Basnett has been performing comedy for a good few years now and has produced festival shows detailing his inability to grow up as well what to do with his time before his inevitable death. A proactive ne’er-do-well, if you will, he has been known to crowd-surf his audiences and will of course be strongly advised against attempting this at the Red Deer.

‘He makes naturally funny look effortless’ – Patrick Monahan

‘undoubtedly funny’ – Giggle Beats

Comedy Central Student Finalist

Tickled Pig 2013 Student Award Winner
Edy Hurst
Rajin Chowdhury
with host
Rich Milner

Doors will now open at 7.30pm as the show will commence at 8pm on the dot, as opposed to 15 minutes after the dot. This is simply to ensure you’re home at a reasonable hour, or have the time to stay for a drink until an unreasonable hour.Buy Tickets

Tickets are £3 when you buy online, £4 if you pay on the door.