Monday 13th January

It’s a badly kept secret that Square Hole Comedy is the preferred destination of cultural time travellers from aeons hence who, being spoilt for choice like any time shopper would be, have settled upon this quaint and jaunty artefact of 21st Century Britain for its stimulating cross section of nascent and matured entertainers alongside a sampling of authentic home-baked goods atop a plentiful beverage dispensary. We are, if you will, as the Enterprise was to Q. So see if you can spot the time travellers among the crew as we commence the bygone year of 2014 with a theme tune provided by the following temporally tempting entertainers.

Duncan Oakley

Duncan OakleyA performer on the stand-up circuit for over a decade, Oakley has earned much love for combining his sublime skills as a musician with his overflowing bonhomie and finely tuned knack for a gag. With his trusty guitar sidekicks (Fender Strat ‘Maurice’, acoustic ‘No.7’ or Les ‘the Lezza’ Paul) he has collaborated with Tony Law, hoedowned with Rich Hall and appeared on BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4. With an eye and ear for the silly, rude, playful and downright irritating occurrences of life, Oakley musters up songs that not only make you laugh, they bury into the recesses of your mind and infect your subconscious with rhythmic hilarity.

‘He has an ear for the joke, and they come thick and fast’ – Steve Bennett, Chortle

‘Unlike some musical comics who rely on a guitar to get them through, Oakley’s routine deftly mixes the tunes with the stand-up’ – City Life

Liam Pickford

Liam PickfordWhen an ageing Les Dawson had a fleeting affair with the young Dylan Moran the resulting pool of genetic matter underwent a miraculous mutation of messianic proportions and Liam Pickford was not exactly born but festered forth with considerable aplomb and a raw, instinctual dress sense. A surreal anti-raconteur of the finest calibre who possesses grace and brutality the likes of which have not been seen since Boudica laid siege to Colchester, Pickford is an upholstered event horizon powered by withering disdain and pints of mild.

‘an engaging comic to watch, with a nicely shambolic, lolloping onstage presence’ – Bristol Post

‘a mixture of surrealism and sarcasm delivered in the most gruff and deadpan manner possible’ – Vada Magazine

Jayne Edwards
Oli Carey
with host
Rich Milner

Doors 7.30pm, show starts at 8pm
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