Sunday 22nd February: The Oblong Show

The Oblong Show

Hello dear friends, I do hope this finds you well. This year’s second instalment of The Oblong Show features sketch, characters and comedic miscellany, and showcases some of the finest emerging talents in Sheffield as well as guests from further afield. This is the one where it’s a bit weird, in a good way. We’ve had people read poems scrawled on their bodies, wrestling sketch troupes smeared with vapour rub, lots of falling over, and a merry old sing and dance. Anything could happen, and by Jove it will!

Sean Morley

Sean MorleyProgenitor of AltComCab, The Glang Show (currently appearing at the Leicester Comedy Festival) and InfoWow w/ Random Friends, Sean has been a compelling and creative presence on the comedy scene for a number of years and just loves to have great times with his pals (that’s you!). His style is a fluid mix of audience interaction and offbeat, tangential wanderings with his sharp wit and unshackled mind functioning as both tour guide and very lost person. His subversion of the art form makes for great japes and good times with pals (again, that’s you!).

‘Sean Morley is a leftfield treat.’ – Sheffield Telegraph

‘An exciting and inventive performer who blended surreal riffing and brilliantly odd set-pieces without missing a beat. Audience loved it.’ – Artificial Light Comedy

‘Sean Morley is a favourite with Yorkshire’s Comedy audiences’ – Sheffield Theatres


King James & Seaburn

A sketch group of Biblical proportions.

Rajin Chowdhury

Often sports a guitar.

Frank Foucault

A surreal treat of a character.

with host

Rich Milner

Admission £3
Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Seating reservations available; just tweet us or leave a message on the Facebook event page.