Sunday 22nd March: The Oblong Show

This month the burning torch of The Oblong Show is being held aloft by two hosts with the most show-business suits ever to grace our little stage. They are entrusted with great faith to execute the responsibility of bringing daft comedic miscellany to the room above the Red Deer this fourth Sunday of the month.

The Not So Late Show with Ross & Josh

The Not So Late Show with Ross & JoshAll the way from the city that never sleeps (assuming insomnia is a common ailment in Leeds) The Not So Late Show with Ross & Josh is a live talk show hosted by Messrs Brierley (Fred Savage from The Wonder Years) and Sadler (Macho Man Randy Savage’s illegitimate lovechild) and features red hot chat, hilarious guests and generally daft behaviour. It’s been going down a storm at Wharf Chambers in Leeds so we thought we’d get them to bring some of the glitz, glamour and silliness to Sheffield. Both Fred and Randy Jnr are up-and-coming comedians in their own right. Fred/Ross even recently won the title of Hot Water Comedian of the Year, whatever degree of scalding that entails. And not only do we get to enjoy their presence, but they they have invited some very fine guests to join them for a chat and a bit of a turn.


Larry & Paul

Dave Rivers

Tom King

Admission £3.
Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Seating reservations available.