Sunday 25th January: The Oblong Show

The Oblong Show

This month’s evening of sketch, characters and comedic miscellany will not merely be The Oblong Show, but also something more. As well as bringing to Sheffield some of the most exciting acts on the comedy circuit, we will now be playing occasional hosts to other comedy nights from around the country. This month we will be gleefully taken hostage by the following…

David Stanier’s Silly Party

David Stanier's Silly PartyDavid has been throwing his Silly Party over on the other side of the Pennines for some time now and it’s such fun that we are smuggling it across the border (will this flower war never end!?) to Sheffield for one night only! You know what they say, if the mountain won’t come to Mu—never mind, the mountain is surprisingly mobile, so we thought why wait for an invite when we can bring the party to you!? It involves silliness, games, funniness, jokes, silliness and partying and silliness. David is a BBC New Comedy Award semi-finalist and Hilarity Bites New Act of the Year award winner. His Silly Party comes highly recommended by the Manchester Wire and The Skinny, and his face is lovely. Look at his lovely face. Warning: there may be party poppers and blowers.


Ian Hall

Leicester Comedy Festival Best Newcomer 2014, Hall is a progenitor of countless characters (you could probably count them if you tried) and we have no idea who he’ll be on the night.

The Mad Bishop and The Bear

Two international men of sex have turned their hands to comedy with baffling and brilliant results and consequences for humanity.

Liam Cook

So young you want to harness his life-force and live forever, Liam has been doing comedy since he was a foetus and his performances have involved eating way to much food all at once, Memento-style self-inscriptions and a melodica.

Rich Milner

Local baker and egotist.

and more party guests!

with host

David Stanier

See above.

Admission £3
Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Seating reservations available; just tweet us or leave a message on the Facebook event page.