Sunday 8th July

Behold our last Sunday night show before our annual August hiatus (we have one least treat on Monday 23rd July before breaking up for the summer). This outing features two utter darlings; one from some marvellously ludicrous past and the other from a fabulously unfathomable future. They meet in present day Sheffield to live hilariously in the moment.

Milo McCabe: 1001 Moments with Troy Hawke

Milo McCabeSociety doesn’t have a clue what to do with homeschooled naif Troy Hawke… equally Troy is clueless as to how to process what’s going on in front of him. He’s puzzled by so much… the middle aisle of Aldi, the word ‘sick’ as a compliment and being falsely accused of shouting in Poundland. Troy is on a quest to just make sense of it all. A quest that also leads to his involvement in a Liverpool street robbery that made the national news.

As seen on Benidorm (ITV), Live at the Electric (BBC3) and Blue Go Mad in Ibiza (C5)

British Fringe Guide Top Recommended Shows of 2017

“Character comedy that is near perfection” ★★★★★ — The New Current

“Comic genius” ★★★★★ — Scotsgay

“Spectacular character… razor sharp wit laced with a touch of the surreal” ★★★★ — Fest

“Undeniably funny” ★★★★ — Chortle

“Beautifully written characterss” ★★★★ — The List

“Perfectly worded jokes” ★★★★ — Broadway Baby

“Massive amounts of fun” ★★★★ — The Skinny

“Hits the ticklish spots” ★★★★ — Three Weeks

“a character so defined and well realised that the room is instantly on board with his quite unique critique of modern life” ★★★★ — The Wee Review
Siân Docksey

Siân Docksey

Siân is a stand-up who spent most of 2017 self-identifying as a lemon. She is often seen as “Siân” in sketch double act Siân & Zoë (★★★★ “Truly surreal” – The Skinny) with Zoë Tomalin. Zoë will agree to be seen with Siân, sometimes.

Featured in The Telegraph’s Funniest One-Liners of the Fringe 2017

“I aint ever seen anything quite like that!” ★★★★ — Mumble Comedy

“Silly, nonsensical, political, feminist and weird” — One4Review

“One to watch” — Funny Women

with host

Rich Milner

Doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £6 when you buy online, £8 if you pay on the door.
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