Sunday 9th December

It’s nearly 8 years to the day that Square Hole Comedy commenced and it just does not know when to quit. To mark the occasion this year we’ve got a double header situation. Not a snake, boy or xmas jumper, but two acts on the very same bill who would normally close the show individually. They will perform their sets simultaneously so it might be quite hard to follow but it will be TWICE as comedy. Not really – they will each have the stage to themselves and will be supported by the very venerable Michael J Dolan, and a divinely musical and comedic local duo who go by the name of Soup Review. We do hope you will join us and if so don’t dawdle getting a ticket because they are liable to sell out.

Róisīn and Chiara

Róisín and Chiara

Goldsmith and O’Mahony originally met in Tudor times when Róisín was working as a meade wench and Chiara was escaping a cheese consortium on her gondola. They immediately hit it off and have been making comedy ever since in their giggle factory – in Palmers Green (just off the North Circular). Róisín is big in India and Chiara has a fan base in Romania. They both only wear vintage rings and bangles. They can be found on twitter, youtube, facebook, gmail, myspace, msn messenger, bebo though neither of them use the internet for moral reasons. If you want to contact them you’ll have to speak to their lawyer. Meanwhile they continue to be a devastatingly original character comedy duo and ‘a pair of improvising geniuses’ who play with a mixture of highly precise choreographed delivery, surreal tangents and daring interaction. They took their debut Edinburgh show up to the fringe in 2016, receiving four and five-star reviews and replicated this success with ‘We are Not Afraid’ in 2017 and ‘Back to Back’ in 2018, each of which multiplied their plaudits.

“Beautifully silly” ★★★★ — The Sunday Times

“The Mighty Boosh on acid” ★★★★★ — Broadway Baby

“Sensual, spiritual, baffling, staggering… hilariously unpredictable” ★★★★★ — ThreeWeeks

“So rarely do I see female acts that are uninhibited enough and possess the sense of ridiculousness needed to deliver a show of this kind” ★★★★★ — Funny Women

“They bring a unique brand of bonkers…psychotically intense energy. Very much they’re own women…this pair have got mischief in them” ★★★★ — Chortle

“Universes of fun” ★★★★ — The Skinny

“Róisín & Chiara throw all cautions to every wind and come up with the daft goods” ★★★★ — The List

Mr Fruit Salad

Mr Fruit Salad

Anyone who claims to know who or what Mr Fruit Salad is, or indeed claims to be an expert in the relevant fields of study, is almost certainly a fraud. No one really knows the origins, nature or purpose of Mr Fruit Salad, or even if he or it actually exists beyond the realm of unsubstantiated legend. Some have said Mr Fruit Salad is from Pontefract, owns Clapham Common, at one point had 20 girlfriends all at once, has a history of eclectic criminality, and is made entirely out of coat-hangers. Perhaps we’ll find out more upon his arrival, perhaps not.

As we know so little about Mr Fruit Salad, here are some unrelated press quotes for comedian Joz Norris:

“A potentially massive future comedy star.” ★★★★ — ScotsGay

“Had the audience in the palm of his hand… Mesmerising.” ★★★★★ — One4Review

“Impossible to dislike.” ★★★★ — Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Simply one of the most joyous comedians around.” — The Comedy Verdict

“Genuinely medicinal, and cheers the soul.” — British Comedy Guide


Michael J Dolan

Soup Review

and host

Rich Milner

Doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £7 when you buy online, £8 if you pay on the door.
ABuy Ticketsdvanced booking is recommended.

The following food and drinks offers are also available:

2 x tickets and a bottle of any wine £20
2 x tickets, a bottle of any wine and 2 main meals for £35

These must be booked in advance by contacting the Red Deer via (0114) 2722890 or