The Carrona Zone

Hello – this is Rich talking/typing/beaming into your mind.

Here’s a nascent list of Square Hole linked bobby dazzlers for you to check in on through lockdown 2020.

The order of the list of names below has been generated by working through who I we booked in in the near future and working backwards, retrospectively, though the acts who have performed at Square Hole over the last couple of years. These are people generating warm, sweet content they have put out there themselves via the likes of Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Patreon, YouTube and that sort of thing. There are plenty of names I still have to add here still which I will attempt to do tomorrow (I’ve got a bloody Zoom thing coming up shortly).

There will also some names that won’t be found below, because chances are that you’re likely to find them on one of the following:

Up Next – a UK stand up comedy Netflix, basically, with a really wonderful library of shows where you’ll find a considerable number of folk who’ve previously performed at Square Hole.

The Stand – the YouTube Channel of the legendary comedy club out of Scotland where they’re streaming performances by some of the best on Saturday nights. Check out Seymour Mace from last weekend’s show, a personal highlight for me.

XS Malarkey – Twitch channel of another legendary comedy club out of Manchester run by a team of wonderful people.

And now on to some fabulous individuals…

Sean Morley

The Morlster is doing great stuff on his Twitch channel with some cameos from some other folk on this list. He’s also co-creator of the Mandatory Redistribution Podcast alongside Jack Evans which I must always listen to as quickly as I possibly can. I am a Patreon, you could be too.

David Stanier

David is a joy of a human being, who is very silly, had has demonstrated this on multiple occasions at Square Hole (and the short-lived Oblong Show). He was booked to open very soon, but he’s got a treat for you if you’re into gaming, with his new podcast Davideogames.

Chris Betts

Formerly bearded Canadian Chris was also booked to re-visit us soon and he’s here to help you during lockdown with some Top Pro Life Tips delivered via his YouTube channel. These will change your damn life.

The Delightful Sausage

Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill are The Delightful Sausage and they were due to close the show soon too. But they’ve sprung to action like a coiled cumberland and are doing a podcast with the professional expertise of Jack Evans (he gets about doesn’t he!) called Tiredness Kills (links to iTunes/Spotify at the top of their feed).

Eric Rushton

Eric opened the show recently and he’s got a Facebook page on which there’s already an archive of content including his recurring feature ‘When Eric Met Females’ and also some Coronavirus related content including some ‘virtual’ stand-up, including audience members.

Jayne Edwards

Jayne is always Jayne, a constant in our lives, so follow her on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on more Jayne, including if she pops up in collabs with other folk.

The Death Hilarious

This incredible Welsh character act is on Twitter but has a bunch of YouTube videos you must watch. Like, a good amount of videos, so watch them all.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean

Another powerful Welsh force, Kiri is up to absolutely all sorts, so please just follow her on Twitter, but as a priority go to Comedy at The Covid Arms which is a live stream of stand up comedy on Saturdays which is going to split funds raised between The Trussell Trust and the comics performing. Kiri also co-hosts the All Killa No Filla podcast with Rachel Fairburn (who will be appearing on The Covid Arms too).

Sophie Willan

If you haven’t already watch her bloody fantastic new BBC2 show Alma’s Not Normal.