November 27th: Evans & Edwards

Yes, Monday! Right guys and non-guys, listen up, okay? I need to have a serious word with you so turn that plane to Uganda round and step into my executive office of perpetual night. To warm away those eternal winter blues we’ve got a special pre-festive treat for you. Back to our old haunt of the day of the moon we convene for a one-off special instalment from two of our bestest friends in Christendom putting on their new shows for you. Special people, special prices, special feeling pending deep in your soul hole.

Jack Evans: Work

Jack Evans: Work & Jayne Edwards: Top Bodybuilder BrianJack Lewis Evans (the big JLE) typically orates about games, huge laser beams and the futility of human existence. Sometimes he goes by the name of Detective Inspector Horse. Today however he implores us: workers of the world, please stop! He presents for you a show about work: its history, its present, and a future without it.

‘An alternative tour de force’ – ★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
‘Go see him if you like weird stuff’ – ★★★★ Short Com
‘Absolutely the best Noam Chomsky material ever.’ – The Scotsman
‘As inventive and unsettling as a one-man League of Gentlemen.’ – VICE

Jayne Edwards: Top Bodybuilder Brian

Hardworking and extremely award winning comedian and Twitter life-coach, guru, consultant and all-round harbinger of joy, Jayne Edwards is a big deal round these parts. But a good deal bigger round Denbighshire is Top Bodybuilder Brian. From his caravan in Rhyl, he takes you on a journey through his life, loves, and the surprising health benefits of taking whey protein intravenously. STRICTLY NO NERDS.

‘At times she seems like a creation of Tim & Eric, with misplaced confidence and acts of sheer ridiculousness surprising audiences who initially took her as a strange introvert. A unique comic who tells us that the shyness is not an act, but something she has learned to bend expertly to her will’ – The Skinny
‘Her well-crafted comedic persona is a mix of clueless buffoon and delusional ego-maniac. Jayne’s closing set-piece had audience members in fits and tears.’ – The MET Studio
‘Disarming intimacy’ – Vibrations Magazine
‘A multi-layered spectacle of comedic talent’ – Just Another Magazine

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Doors open at 7.15pm, show starts at 7.45pm.
Tickets are £4 when you buy online, £5 if you pay on the door.
Advanced booking is recommended.