Thank you and hello and previews.

Thank you to everyone who has come down to the Red Deer to check out Square Hole over the last six gigs, especially the now familiar faces who have returned for more. The acts who’ve performed so far seem to share the sentiment that it’s turning out to be a rather lovely gig with a warm and smart audience, which warms my cockles.

If you’re reading this and haven’t yet paid us a visit, hello there, and please take note that my cockles are in constant need of warmth. Failing warmth, some cake will do. If you bring some cake, I will do it the honour of being eaten in front of a live audience and casting a verdict upon it. Let’s face it, it’s the closest you’ll come to feeling the tension and excitement of the Great British Bake Off. Plus, I’ll almost certainly really like your cake.*

The next gig is on Monday 13th June (I know I’ll see you there), but we have a couple of special events coming up in addition to the regular gig. At this time of year comedians who are going up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival are honing their shows and I’ve picked a few comedians to preview theirs at the Red Deer. On Sunday 26th June we’ll have Alfie Moore followed by Danny Pensive and on Sunday 24th July we’ll have George Cottier** followed by Michael J Dolan.

Tickets will be available from the Red Deer very soon, and they’ll be £3 should you wish to see a single 1 hour show or £5 to see both shows. I heartily recommend seeing all of them, but then I would wouldn’t I? Click their names to visit their websites and get a rough idea of which acts appeal to your refined tastes. In reward for thus doing your homework and booking in advance, tickets to see both shows on the night will be available for the special price of £4.***

I reckon that’s it for now. Just a quick note for the tumblrers: this tumblelog isn’t one I can follow you back from, so if you get followed by me, that’s you being followed back.

Cheers, Rich x

* Cake is not a necessary prerequisite for attending Square Hole, but someone did once bring cake because it was someone’s birthday and they gave me a piece and it was like a birthday in my mouth and I thought ‘I could get used to this’.

** George Cottier’s show is not a preview for Edinburgh 2011, but a show he recently performed at the Manchester Comedy Festival and intends to take to Edinburgh in 2012. He tells me it is entitled ‘George Cottier’s Funny Comedy Jokes Hahahaha!’. I personally am really looking forward to this one.

*** So that’s:

June 26th:

Alfie Moore (£3) or Danny Pensive (£3) or both for £5 (£4 in advance)

July 24th:

George Cottier (£3) or Michael J Dolan (£3) or both for £5 (£4 in advance)