Sunday 23rd March: The Oblong Show

Over the last few years of Square Hole Comedy we’ve come to acknowledge that stand-up is a dying art form (not really, it’s great, this is just a bit of fun, keep up) and that the new champions of comedy are sketch comedians, character comedians, and other ones who do stuff that’s a bit, you know, weird or whatever. The Oblong Show is the inevitable reaction to this entirely fabricated scenario. We’re putting on a second night of sketches, character comedy, and comedic miscellany. On this, the début Oblong Show, we have invited a special selection of very fine performers to break the seal, including our headline act:

Sir Randolph Tempest

Sir Randolph TempestActor, writer, director, poet, artist, musician (he plays the bongos) and shelf stacker, Sir Randolph Tempest is THE master thespian! A dynamic raconteur and social animal whose reputation escapes him, Sir Randolph Tempest is the brilliant creation of Peter Slater, a comic actor from Bolton with numerous TV credits including his very own Channel 4 Comedy Lab, Slaterwood. Sir Randolph Tempest is awfully erudite, terribly dashing, exquisitely presented and possesses the fiercest wit in acting and probably all of the supermarkets combined.


Rick Griffiths: Child Detective

Stan Skinny

Tom Burgess

Sam Nicoresti

James Hately

and host

Rich Milner

Admission £2
Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
Seating reservations available; just tweet us or leave a message on the Facebook event page.