Sunday 28th September: The Oblong Show

The Oblong Show

Good grief everyone, it’s time for another Oblong Show. These things started on a whim that was expected to last a few months before they imploded under the weight of their own stupidity, but this will be the fifth occurrence because of reasons probably best not dwelt upon. It’s the comedy night where we invite people with ‘no comic experience’ to close the show for us. It’s a bold strategy that’s bound to come a cropper sooner or later, so please revel in it with us while you can.

Foxdog Studios

Foxdog Studios

Rock ‘n’ roll combined with home-made computer programs, it’s entertainment from the future for an audience of the present. As teenagers, Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton wanted to be rock stars but accidentally did degrees in computer science. They now run Foxdog Studios Ltd., a failing startup, hit hard by the recession and a lack of investors for their J-cloth shirt (patent pending).


Al Greaves

Jack Shanik

Ben “Spoon” Winterton

Thom Williams

and host

Rich Milner

Admission £3
Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.
Seating reservations available; just tweet us or leave a message on the Facebook event page.