Sunday 31st July: Edinburgh Previews

Hello fellow citizens of Engrope, it is time for the last gig before our customary summer break. On the eve of Edinburgh, we bring you another two hot and sexy picks of the festival. These two shows will expand your mind latitudinally and longitudinally, and deflate your lungs with an inverse correlation.

David Longley

David LongleyEverything I hate about my club set

David Longley has been a stand-up comedian since 2003, and a full time professional one since 2008. Consecutive fringe shows at The Stand saw him tipped as ‘one to watch’ and a ‘rising star’ (Metro) but the crushing burden of being a provider for his wife and two autistic children shackled him to comedic mediocrity, making it impossible to reach the dizzy heights that lay before him. It has primarily been his club set that has paid all his household bills. That club set has enabled Longley to purchase Minecraft merchandise for his kids, and sex toys for his wife. He has taken his comedy up and down the country and all over the world, delivering it in 20-30 minute chunks, for the drunken parties that attend comedy clubs.

Enough is enough. Like a modern day Diogenes of Sinope, Longley will spew forth with ruthless logic everything that is wrong with his club set. Be in awe, as every compromise that has had to be made is laid out before you, and every bit of material that has been dumbed down so that even the most dim of thinking can laugh along with the others, is given its proper outing. The set that took him from an open spot to a headline act, that spreads joy whilst causing the most awful self-hatred, will be shown for what it is: derivative horse shit designed to please the masses whilst keeping this ‘rising star’ of comedy firmly in his place. His club set isn’t bad by anyone else’s standards, just his own.

“Wonderfully satisfying, thinking man’s comedy” — The Scotsman

“As intense and intelligent performer as you’re likely to see” — The List

“Proves that comedy can say something important and, crucially, still be funny…” — Metro

Harriet Dyer

Harriet DyerWe’d prefer someone a bit more mainstream

Harriet has many voices that reside in her head. Some of them are legendary and some are a big bag of dicks. All of them love 90s tunes, are obsessed with comedy, but are also pushing to be a lone, off-the-grid wolf. A tricky beaver indeed.
“Instinctively funny” — Chortle

“She’s got funny bones!” — Kevin Bridges

“A bundle of whimsical hilarity… a breath of fresh air… will have you in stitches” — Broadway Baby

hosted by

Rich Milner

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Doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 7.30pm.
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