Sunday 9th September

We’re back with another school year of deft daftness and this line-up will be hella meaty and excessively proteinous, so don’t miss it. It would be great to see you all again so snaffle yourselves the tickets whilst they last.

The Delightful Sausage

The Delightful SausageThe Delightful Sausage contains 40% Chris Cantrill (★★★★★, Ed Fest Magazine) and 40% Amy Gledhill (“Silly, vivacious and very funny” Richard Herring)*. Chris is a former finalist of the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year competition and has been heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra. He drives stick. Amy is a runner-up of the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year competition. She’s also won the Red24 New Act of the Year competition. She does her own research. In 2017 the duo took their first show (Cold Hard Cache) to the Edinburgh Festival where them southern cucks lapped it up like blue-top-tit-milk. And just now in 2018 they have repeated that success with Regeneration Game receiving another onslaught of critical acclaim with the Guardian declaring them one of the best shows of the fringe. Swankrington Stanley.
* The remaining 20%? New York City husk. Best husk in the whole damn state.

‘Best shows at the Edinburgh festival 2018’ – The Guardian

“One of the best adverts for modern alternative comedy you could ever with to see.” ★★★★ — Ed Fest Mag

“Keep an eye on them’” ★★★★ — ThreeWeeks, ‘Three to See’

“Raw funny talent” ★★★★ — ShortCom

“comedy firestarters” ★★★★★ — Mumble Comedy

“An immensely polished, well-written acid trip” ★★★★★ — Chuss Reviews

Jayne Edwards as Top Bodybuilder Brian

Jayne Edwards is
Top Bodybuilder Brian

After Brian’s wife leaves him for a man who gets his protein from lentils, Brian fights (metaphorically) to find meaning in the world, and fights (physically) anyone who voted Remain. With clips from his nude weightlifting videos, memories from his Shrek themed wedding and a Crufts dance routine (sans dog). Brian will demonstrate that shadow boxing outside Paddy Power is very much a lifestyle choice. From the mind of Welsh weird comedian Jayne Edwards, comes a multidisciplinary and extremely silly comedy show about loss. A lo-fi and monstrously daft performer with a cult following, Jayne uses characters to create modern satire with an absurdist twist.

“At times she seems like a creation of Tim & Eric, with misplaced confidence and acts of sheer ridiculousness surprising audiences who initially took her as a strange introvert. A unique comic who tells us that the shyness is not an act, but something she has learned to bend expertly to her will’” The Skinny

“Her well-crafted comedic persona is a mix of clueless buffoon and delusional ego-maniac. Jayne’s closing set-piece had audience members in fits and tears.” — The MET Studio

“A multi-layered spectacle of comedic talent” — Just Another Magazine

“Disarming intimacy” — Vibrations Magazine

plus support and host

Rich Milner

Doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £7 when you buy online, £8 if you pay on the door.
ABuy Ticketsdvanced booking is recommended.

The following food and drinks offers are also available:

2 x tickets and a bottle of any wine £20
2 x tickets, a bottle of any wine and 2 main meals for £35

These must be booked in advance by contacting the Red Deer via (0114) 2722890 or